Single-Piece Filter Case

With no glued joints that can fail or screws that can deteriorate, our impact resistant case is made of plumbing grade material for long lasting durability.

Heavy-Duty Outlet

Extra gussets molded in provide additional support while the extended outlet ensures the filter is securely attached, allowing quicker install time.

Molded-in Support Hubs

Multiple molded-in support hubs provide additional support and stability options while securely locking the cartridge in place.

Superior Designed Filtering Unit

This filtering unit offers more linear inches of filtration and has no horizontal surface to collect solids in the cartridge, virtually eliminating cleaning.

Who We Are

The only septic filter you'll ever need.

lifetime filter offers nearly twice the filtering capacity of other filters. Our low maintenance design is estimated to go nearly 3 times longer between cleanings.

The lifetime filter Advantage

What makes us who we are.

  • Highly efficient effluent filter
  • Virtually no maintenance
  • Twice the filtering plates equals twice the filtering capacity
  • Cleaning made easy
  • Straight from the manufacturer

Contact Us

We're here to help.

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