About lifetime filter LLC

The Leaders in Septic Tank Filters

Our Filter Experience

Mike Hornback is the owner of a plastics company responsible for manufacturing the top selling effluent filters for major onsite companies for nearly 20 years. In addition, we have been instrumental in the design of many effluent filters as well as other industry related products. Many are the top selling products in the industry today.

The Importance of a Filter

The wellbeing of many septic systems has been compromised over the years due to the high cost of large filters. The variety of small, 4" filters on the market today, although less expensive, require more attention which can be inconvenient for home owners and result in much higher maintenance costs. As a result, the filter is removed leaving the drain field unprotected leading to major restoration cost.

There is Another Option. Go Direct to the Manufacturer

As the manufacturer, we can offer a highly efficient, superior quality, large effluent filter directly to our distributors at a price that makes sense. Why pay more when you don't have to. Put the extra money back in your own pocket.

How it Works?

Lifetime filter eliminates large particles from collecting, creating blockage. We provide a simple, effective way of filtering effluent, prohibiting anything from lodging inside the filter cartridge. Estimated to last 3 times longer than any other large filter on the market, lifetime filter provides unfiltered effluent easy, unrestricted channels out of the filter and back inside the tank where they belong. It provides unrestricted channels for filtered effluent to leave the filter and not collect inside the cartridge, eliminating difficult maintenance and cleaning issues.

Save Money Now

Take advantage of our budget friendly, highly efficient filter.

Why spend more on large effluent filters when you don't have to? Try our large LT9-1/8 filter and enjoy your savings.

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