The lifetime filter

The best just got better!

The lifetime filter is the most efficient, low maintenance effluent filter on the market, rated 3500 GPD. With nearly twice the filtering capacity of other filters, lifetime filter is the best value for your dollar. The unique plate design eliminates the collection of solids inside the cartridge virtually eliminating maintenance. Cleaning is made easy through the elimination of solids trapped between plates, making the time to clean and replace minimal. Our unique, durable construction and patented design insures the ultimate protection of the drain field. The lifetime filter is available in 1/8", 1/16", 1/32" and 1/64" filtration sizes.

* In addition, our distributors buying directly from the manufacturer allows them to get our product to the end user at a reasonable price, without compromising quality.

Single-Piece Filter Case

Made of high quality materials, this single-piece filter case provides long lasting reliability. Our uniquely designed single-piece filter case contains no glue or screws, providing you with a problem free effluent filter case. Guaranteed!




Heavy-Duty Outlet

Our heavy-duty outlet offers additional gussets molded in to provide extra support. The extra-long outlet design provides additional support as well as easy installation and quick gluing set up.




Molded-in Support Hubs

The filter has 2 bottom molded-in support hubs providing support at the base with locking tabs to securely hold the cartridge in place. The additional side hub provides even more stability.




Superior Designed Filtering Unit

This filtering unit has no horizontal surfaces to collect solids in the cartridge making cleaning easier and less frequent. The unique patented design provides more linear inches of filtration. With our open plate design, the filtering cartridge becomes less buoyant reducing risk of the filter cartridge floating out of the case.




Save Money Now

Take advantage of our budget friendly, highly efficient filter.

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